Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Perfect Girlfriend

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so what do you get your girlfriend? Flowers, chocolates, a card and jewelry or something personal is generally the recipe. But to spice up this Valentine's Day, try some modern twists on old time classics.

1. Jewelry With a Purpose

Jewelry is a traditional Valentine's Day gift but this Valentine's Day, instead of the usual, try healing crystal jewelry. Your lovely lady is sure to love the thoughtfulness and meaning behind it. From my absolute favorite little online jewelry shop where everything is handmade and no two pieces are ever the same, Soulmade Shop:

Each activated crystal is designed to restore balance to the spiritual body and to soothe the soul. This is an exploration into achieving higher consciousness.  
Fill your heart with love, your mind with positive intention, and your soul with purpose. 
I highly recommend the Universal Love Stacking Ring.

The stone of Universal Love, Pink Tourmaline heals destructive feelings and guides emotions into that of love. Linking the heart chakra to the crown chakra, it infuses feelings of love with spirituality to provide strength in times of fear. 

2. Flowers

If you're ever in doubt about what to get any woman ever, your default should be flowers (unless she's allergic*). It doesn't matter if she told you she doesn't care for flowers on date number 2, no woman has ever been sad to receive flowers*.

Check out Flower Shopping for some gorgeous arrangements! They have a 10% off promotion for Valentine's Day. Some of my personal favorites for Valentine's Day are 'Telefloras Possibly Pink', 'Be My Love' and 'Ravishing Red's Bouquet'.

Telefloras Possibly Pink - For a creative, other-than-red-roses sweet bouquet.

Be My Love - To jazz up the standard red roses, the white telefloras create a bright arrangement.

Ravishing Red's Bouquet - For the classic, elegant, Valentine's Day red roses.

3. A Companion

Ditch the standard stuffed toy and give her a whole new world instead. Or at least, her own mini-eco-world! I am so in love with this small sphere EcoSphere. The Small Pod EcoSphere has "3-4 shrimp, active micro-organisms, algae and bacteria".

You can literally give your girlfriend a whole new world. And if you tell her that she means "the world" to you while giving this to her, she'll probably look at you like you're crazy but slowly die and melt inside.

The best part? There is absolutely no maintenance. You just let it sit on your desk and watch the mini ecosystem live for 2-3 years. A pet without the responsibilities for only $59.99. Sweet.

4. Specialty Desserts

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Instead of the traditional chocolates (which are still totally awesome, by the way), consider looking for some specialty dessert places nearby. If you're in the US area, I love love love Cravory Cookies in San Diego. Luckily, they ship all over America!

They have super interesting and delectable flavors such as birthday cake, taro, cookies and cream milkshake-- I'm already drooling just thinking about it. Yes, definitely opt out for the more unique option!

5. Something Personal

You can't have Valentine's Day without getting her something unique to her. There's the age old framed picture of the two of you or maybe a memorabilia but let's take it up a notch.

Why not a heart confetti snowglobe picture frame of the two of you?! *insert heart eyes emoji here*

Ah, perfection.

6. Non-Hallmark Cards

If you're artsy, definitely make her a handmade card. If you're not, forego the Target or supermarket aisles and order something from Etsy.

7. Amazon Gift Card

If you're really in a pinch, you can't go wrong with an amazon giftcard! You won't get super duper boyfriend brownie points but she won't completely hate you. I mean, you can literally buy anything and everything on there. Depending on how long you've been together, I'd say at least $50 is a safe starting point.


If you have any panic stricken guy friends that absolutely dread Valentine's Day, make sure to do them a solid and send them this article. Little tweaks to the otherwise redundant, overrated classics can make all the difference to making your special woman feel extra special.

If you want to do the rest of the population a solid, let us all know in the comments below if you have any ideas that should be added to this list. Let's make Valentine's Day great again. ;P