How To Lessen the Heart Break of A Break Up

I am going through a heart break right now so trust me when I say that I know how much this hurts. I am questioning everything, second guessing myself and crying every two seconds. I am sure you're feeling somewhat the same if you're reading this right now.

I want to help you and me get over our broken hearts. After thinking about it, there is one way to lessen the pain of a heart break.

Tired of Dating Rules? Here's When You Should Actually Text Back

Photo Credit: Hannah Bernabe | Model: G Cuban
When Should I Text Back?

The question that all millennials on, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, eHarmony and OkCupid have:

When should I text back?

There are rules upon rules of how many days or

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What You Need to Hear After A Breakup But Most People Won't Tell You

Photo Credit: Hannah Bernabe | Model: Krista Oen

Break ups are not an easy thing by any means. They are called "break ups" because first they break you and then you lift yourself back up. This post will help you get through it.

You might be wondering how to survive a break up? Or what to do after a break up? Or how to move on? Should you text your ex?