What School Didn't Prepare Me For: Relationships After College

You start dating someone.
Both of you want to seem cool and secure and completely confident in yourself so NO WAY would you ever want to be the one to bring up talking about your status or where you stand or feelings. I mean, come on, you're obviously too cool for that and so is this person you're dating.
You just keep dating and dating and not defining anything and by doing this, you could essentially have your cake and eat it too. Why? Because American dating culture says that if you don't label your relationship or talk about your exclusivity status, you are technically allowed to sleep with a different person every day and the person you're dating can't really get upset.
I mean, obviously they would be because humans are emotional creatures but then they'd seem like a crazy possessive person because you never defined what you guys are so why should it matter if you're seeing other people?