What the "Honeymoon Phase" In Dating Feels Like & Why It's Good When It Ends

Let's face it, love is the one thing that people want most. In American culture, the usual way to find love is by dating over and over again until you find someone you connect with. Some are more experienced in dating than others and some have loved more people than others. But at the end of the day, no matter who we are, where we come from, what our background is, none of us have control over our heart. And when infatuation or the "honeymoon phase" strikes, none of us are immune to its symptoms.

Of All The Men I Ever Loved

I have loved many men in my life and each of them has been special in their own ways. There was Michael, the first guy I ever loved. It was my senior year in high school and although I was never really physically attracted to him, no one could entice me more than he did. He was the funniest guy I’d ever met and he was my best friend. He was also extremely sensitive and caring and... He didn’t want me. He didn’t want anybody. I fought for him, hard, and when I finally had him,